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    Simple and easy ways to connect customers
    with Beacon
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    Ride together to share enjoyment and
    share safety with Beacon
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    Stop Bicycle theft

    Increase bike security awareness
    with Beacon crowd tracking and
    alert service


We make affordable and simple to use IoT device, Beacon, to connect and build network of physical devices that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Beacon is a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) device that broadcast their identifier to nearby devices. The technology enables smartphones, tablets and other devices to perform actions when in close proximity to a Beacon. Hello Factory Beacons are Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone compatible.

Beacon Bell

RTLS Beacon

RTLS Beacon AP Scanner

Service & Solution

Beacon is very useful not only for Marketing Platform but also B2C Services.
Our creative B2C services include BLE Smart service for Restaurant and BLE Smart Service for Bicycle.

BLE Smart Service for Restaurant

BLE Smart Service for Bicycle Riders